Saturday, April 18, 2009

Disney Pixar Gratuitous Sex Scene

While doing some online research for Oldest Son’s oral report on sea anemones, it has come to my attention that the opening scene in Finding Nemo is actually a sex scene! Scandalous I know!

How did I find this information? I learned that clown fish are the only fish that are not affected by the poisonous stings of sea anemones. Clown fish are actually covered in a slimy mucous which protects them from being stung. However, if the mucous is rubbed off somehow and the clown fish returns to its home in an anemone the clown fish will be stung and can even die. Clown fish live in anemones while cleaning the anemone's tentacles and scaring away anemone predators. The anemone protects the clown fish from predators as well. The clown fish attracts prey for the anemone and gets to eat the leftovers. It's a win win situation.

So how in the world did I learn that the opening Finding Nemo scene is actually a sex scene? I was writing the script for the movie we are making for Oldest Son’s oral report. More on that later. Anyway, I wanted to say something about the clown fish not being affected by the stings. But I wasn't sure what it was they were covered in. I was pretty sure it was mucous, but I have learned a lot in the last few days about anemones and other oceanic animals so I wasn't sure. I googled clown fish and found out that some of the mating behaviors of clown fish include chasing, biting, and extending fins. If you remember the opening scene in Finding Nemo there is a lot of flirtatious chasing between Marlin and Coral before you see the eggs at the base of the sea anemone. Which is where clown fish lay their eggs.

The only thing that was inaccurate in Finding Nemo is the fact that clown fish are hermaphrodites. They are males first, and develop into females as they mature. If a female dies, one of the largest males becomes female and the rest of the clown fish move up a rank on the hierarchy. So really Marlin should have become a girl after Coral died. But I'm sure the writers felt that fact would be incredibly confusing to children so they skipped it.

This project has been very interesting to me to learn about different sea creatures. I believe that a lot of research went into the making of Finding Nemo. My sister said all the dentist scenes were accurate and hilarious. And now we know that the opening scene is "racier" than we originally thought! Maybe you can watch Finding Nemo this weekend with your family and enjoy how accurate it is.

Update and statement retraction! I have watched the opening Finding Nemo scene and I apologize for saying it was an implied sex scene. The eggs have already been laid and are resting peacefully in a hole near the bottom of the sea anemone. Meanwhile Marlin is very proud of his choice of sea anemone that will house his family. Coral is more subtly impressed. The chasing was very short lived, inside the anemone, and it was Marlin and Coral remembering how they met. Sorry for raising or dashing any hopes and dreams.

And for all you sickos who do searches for Pixar sex (all two of you so far), there are no Pixar sex scenes! Sorry.

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