Monday, May 4, 2009

Swine Flu Funnies

Situations like the swine flu epidemic are always interesting to me. It's obviously important that the public is aware of the risks. I love to watch the news to see how different people react to these situations. Then it's interesting to see first hand reactions.
Normally I don't bat an eye at news stories similar to the swine flu. This time I had a small level of concern since my hairdresser was in Mexico on vacation when the stories came out all over the news about swine flu. She spent her week vacation and has since returned. She was more or less quarantined for a few days to make sure she didn't have it. As far as I know everything is ok and she has returned to her normal life.

On Monday when I met up with Dave (Mini Med rep) to get the iPro sensor, he was giving me a hard time about making him wait 30 minutes for me to show up. My original appointment was at 9:30 but I called to reschedule for 10:00 since I had to take Bug to school. I told Dave that it wouldn't have been a big deal but the one person I normally would have called to take Bug to school was on vacation in Mexico probably getting the flu! (previously mentioned hairdresser has a son in Bug’s class) So Dave told me that everyone in the office was talking about the swine flu. My doctor is Jewish and said, "See, that's why you shouldn't eat pork!" He was kidding.

My favorite swine flu funny is a story my mom told me today. She said that in her ward it was announced that people shouldn't shake hands or anything casually physical like that to minimize the spread of germs. I kind of rolled my eyes thinking that was pretty extreme. But the best part was when she told me that a sign up sheet was passed around to everyone with a pen! Really?

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