Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Left with a bad taste in my mouth

Some things leave a bad taste in one’s mouth. Like mocolate on Friends or any dessert made with artificial sweetener to lower the carb count.

One morning when I was in high school, we were all rushing around trying to get ready and out the door. My mom confessed to my sister that she may have used Sis’s toothbrush by accident. Sis was ok with the mistake. I felt ready to puke!

I had a roommate in college who had this weird obsession with brushing her teeth immediately after eating. She wasn’t all that fun to snack with. “I just brushed my teeth. I don’t want to eat right now.” Anyway, she literally brushed her teeth 3-6 times a day depending on how often she ate. So she would use her boyfriend’s toothbrush if she happened to eat something at his house. When I told her that was gross she said, “Why? We kiss all the time. It’s the same thing!” Oh I am sorry. That is not the same thing! At all.

Recently I heard a story about a couple who shared toothbrushes. The wife had periodontal disease. She gave it to her husband because they shared toothbrushes. The hygienists were giving this couple several free toothbrushes! See? Not the same as kissing!

Last week my dental hygienist told me my teeth were decalcified and the enamel was weak. My sister, a hygienist I trust, confirmed that I really should use prescription strength toothpaste to build my enamel. I hate my dentist. It would have been helpful if he would have described why he was prescribing sensitive toothpaste to me. The hygienist gave me a sample of Colgate sensitive toothpaste that also claims to strengthen the enamel. My current toothpaste says it’s for sensitivity but it says nothing about enamel. So I started using this sample toothpaste.

It tastes awful. It’s Colgate. I hate Colgate. I described it in another post (here) as tasting like camping. It seemed like the only time we used Colgate was when we were camping. So as I was brushing my teeth in a dark campground at some questionable water spicket with this nasty tasting toothpaste, I always wondered if maybe the person using it before me had dropped it in the dirt or something before giving it to me. Because I couldn’t imagine a brand of toothpaste tasting so bad! For that reason, Colgate toothpaste tastes like camping.

Also, this sample toothpaste tastes like rotten hairspray. I don’t know how else to describe it. It really tastes like it has expired and it has a hairspray like taste to it that lingers all day. I hope prescription strength Prevident tastes much better!!!

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