Friday, October 2, 2009

A Love Story

Women have been mystifying men since the beginning of time. Maybe it's their doe eyes, their long and luscious locks, or the fact that they come with so many shoes. It's hard to say what it is about women that enchant men but men are enchanted.

I love watching men do sweet things for the women in their lives. The men usually don't know anyone is watching, or taking notes for that matter. Sometimes it's a look in their eyes. Their entire countenance changes when they are alone with their girlfriend, wife, mother, whoever, versus when they are with these women in front of their friends.

There is a man that takes his children to school every day. He parks behind the school like I do so I see him pretty much every day. Some days he parks behind me and some days I am behind him. If I don't see him but see his truck, I still think of him with his daughter.

On more than one occasion, I have seen this man help his daughter out of the truck. He will help her get her back pack on. They walk together up the path. Usually they hold hands. They talk to each other as if they are unaware of the world around them.
One morning the little girl stopped her dad just inside the schoolyard. Her hair clip had come out. The dad never hesitated. He took the clip from her, squatted down to her level, and very lovingly slid the clip back into her hair. He put his arm over her shoulder in a half hug as they walked the rest of the way to her class. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen a man do for a girl.
I have seen this same encounter between this dad and his daughter several times. She has short hair. She's probably trying to grow it out. Or at least grow her bangs out. The clip is a feminine flower, perfect for a first grader. It holds the hair off her forehead and out of her eyes.

My brother loved getting his daughter dressed for church. He always did her hair for church too. It was a job he volunteered for to allow his wife extra time to get herself ready for church. He still says those were his favorite memories of daughter as a baby.

When I visited my family for my sister's baby shower, I loved watching my brother in law with their baby. He never seemed rushed or stressed when he held her tiny, premature body. The night of the shower, Sis was finishing up her hair. She wanted me to dress Baby Girl. That was terrifying to me. She was so tiny. We did alright and I loved that I could do that. Later her dad was holding her in one arm and had a handful of bows in the other hand. He asked Sis which one would match Baby Girl’s outfit the best. Sis picked one and he said that was his first choice too. Then he carefully glued it onto her peach fuzz hair. It was such a tender moment between father and daughter. One I will never forget.

My father in law is the best grandpa anyone could ask for. He loves all of his grandkids. My heart melts when I see him around his three granddaughters. The story has been told that he was babysitting his grandson and granddaughter. She was a baby in a crib. Grandpa was watching the kids overnight.

She was fussy and crying. He would pick her up to calm her then lay her back down in the crib. She was fine as long as he was standing there. If he walked away she started wailing again. What did he do? He did what any doting grandfather would do. He stood there all night and watched her sleep.

The first time he met Little Miss was another amazing moment. He cradled her in his arms and stared into her sleeping face for as long as Grandma would let him hold her.

The seven of us would squeeze into the van like clowns in a Volkswagen Bug. Grandpa sat next to Little Miss. He would constantly adjust the shade on her infant carseat to keep the sun off her face. He would patiently put the pacifier in her mouth over and over. She would take the pacifier and look as if she may fall asleep soon. Grandpa would slowly take his hand away from the carseat and face forward. It only took a few seconds before his attention was back on her. Was she ok? Was she comfortable? What was that tiny squeak?

As she got older and faced forward, Grandpa would share snacks with her. He would give her fruit crisps. Then he would give her a sip from a water bottle. When the snacks were finished he would wipe her face and hands off.

Hubby has a completely different relationship with Little Miss than he has with the boys. That girl is so spoiled by her daddy. I never wanted a princess. I think girls should be complimented but constantly telling them they are a princess may make their head too big for their body. He doesn't call her a princess all that often. When he does I don't cringe like I thought I would. It warms my heart.
She fits perfectly in the crook of Dad's arm while they lounge on the couch. She enjoys watching sports, or the History Channel, or Red Dwarf with Dad while Mom puts the boys to bed.

I love watching her screech, "Daddy, Daddy!" when he comes home. I love watching those tiny arms and hands squeeze his broad shoulders.

Right now Dad is apprehensive about touching her hair. That may have more to do with the fact that I'm such a perfectionist and he doesn't want to mess up anything I can do better. I'm sure if he took her to school and her hair clip came out he would not hesitate to fix it. He is already mesmerized by her.

Real men have always melted in the presence of a woman. Real women are those who don't take advantage of this fact.