Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It’s not stealing, it’s recycling!

Best line from Mad Money. 

Recycling takes a lot of effort.  You should rinse things out.  That alone takes a lot of water.  Aren’t we trying to conserve water? 

Some places don’t offer alternatives to plastic bags.  So you should take your canvas bags to Target, or heaven forbid, Wal-Mart!  Wal-Mart used to have a program called the Recycling Challenge where they would recycle their plastic bags.  That program has been discontinued. 

“You can recycle these bags at all local grocery stores.  Better yet, make it a habit to use reusable cloth bags for groceries.”  Those statements were made in the school newsletter.  First of all, who shops for groceries at Wal-Mart?  The thought has never crossed my mind.  I hate Wal-Mart if you couldn’t tell.  My brother in law has a sister who went on and on about the lack of quality at Wal-Mart.  She said the food sits out on palettes for hours before it’s put away.  Maybe that was just her local Wal-Mart.  Either way, if you don’t buy groceries from Wal-Mart but you do buy other things like clothes, school supplies, house wares, electronics, etc; you are encouraged to use a small reusable cloth bag.  Good luck with that. 

Save gas and walk or take public transportation.  Walking takes time and you are limited to buying only what you can carry.  Biking I think would only make shopping harder.  If you have more than two people in your family, as well as kids or pets, you will be shopping every dang day of your life! 

So public transportation.  This also takes time.  Your schedule may not match their schedule.  Or their lateness.  Plus, you kind of are taking your life in your hands when you entrust it to public transportation.  The UTA bus system in Utah was questionable enough but here in California . . . every other day I’m hearing on the news of some sort of horrific and random violence on MUNI trains in San Francisco.  I hate to mention it but you’ve all heard about the infamous New Year’s Day BART shooting.  Gas in my car seems reasonable. 

It can be a pain for some families to separate their trash into trash and recycling.  Some people are really green and have a separate receptacle for food scraps.  Wow.  That’s three separate receptacles in one’s kitchen for waste.  That takes effort and discipline.  Of course, if you have kids you can get them to do most of the work.  They learn it at school anyway.  You’re old school and recycling is still a new fangled idea! 

School recycling.  Ha ha.  I just have to laugh.  The earlier statement I used that was from the school newsletter, well it was preceded by these statements:

  • Please do not bring milk jugs
  • Please do not bring plastic bags

I have to admit that took the wind out of my desire to recycle at school sails.  My city used to recycle out of the trash.  Now we have a separate can for recyclables.  If I want to help my school out financially I have to save my water bottles and soda cans and donate them once a month.  So that’s what?  Four receptacles now?  We’re getting into the too much space and effort category. 

In high school I bought a t-shirt that cracked me up.  It said, “To hell with the planet save yourself!”  Sorry for quoting it directly.  It still makes me laugh. 

For anyone not always gung ho about reducing their carbon footprint, I understand.  Some days are like that. 

But maybe you could get a job at a bank and you could steal recycle money meant to be destroyed.  Then your desire to preserve the earth will be restored in a big way!  But then again that was already done in a funny movie and you would definitely get caught. 

You just have to ask yourself how you plan on answering future generations when the world we live in resembles the world on Wall.E.

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