Saturday, December 5, 2009


At the risk of offending people I am going to throw in my two cents. After all, I’m not The Piquant Storyteller for nothing!

Recently I saw on the news a story about AIDS Awareness. The supporters were hoping that people would put their money towards finding a cure.

I had a mixed reaction. Yes, it is sad that there are people in the world whose lives are affected by AIDS. Many of those people contracted the disease through absolutely no fault of their own. I am aware of that. At the same time I can’t help but feel strong emotion over pleas for a cure FOR A DISEASE WE KNOW EXACTLY HOW TO AVOID GETTING!!!!

What about diabetes? There is no cure. I think it’s great that people try to raise awareness for Type 1 diabetes by saying it affects children. Well yes it does but it also doesn’t go away when those children grow up.

I have lived with this disease for 22 years. I don’t often break down and have a good cry over my lot in life with this disease. Every once in a while it gets to me. Obviously I have good and bad days but the exceptionally over the top bad days take a toll on my mental well being. I give myself permission to cry. I think of people who get cancer and how nobody judges them for having less than heroic moments where they cry.

Cancer is another disease I would like to see a cure for. I know so many people who have had to fight the cancer battle. Unfortunately some have lost. The more we know the better the odds are for people who have to deal with it. Hubby’s grandma is a breast cancer survivor. She sent me a link to this video.

I made Christmas cookies with my kids. We had the CD changer on random and one CD had a couple tracks played. It was Troy Dunn’s Life is a Football Game talk to youth. I love that talk because it is so inspirational. He compares our bodies to a football uniform. He says that when Heavenly Father told us we could have football uniforms (physical bodies) and play in the game (come to Earth and live life) we agreed to less than perfect uniforms. I believe that is true. Some people’s bodies work even less than mine.

I need to remember that more often. We knew life would be difficult and we agreed to do it anyway. In fact, we eagerly agreed.

For anyone who feels trapped in a broken body or knows someone trapped in a broken mind or body, there is hope. Our Savior Jesus Christ suffered every pain known to man. He is there to lift us up when we are weak. He won’t take our burdens away any more than we can take away our children’s burdens but He can comfort us. He knows what we are going through because He’s been there and then some.

I think what we are required to do as human beings is look out for each other, be aware of our differences, and help each other find a way to live as happily as possible in our broken bodies. One day our resurrected bodies will be perfect. How wild will that be! I can’t wait!

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