Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Dangers of Fashion

Arguments have been made regarding fashion. Is it really attractive? Is it practical? Will it actually cause bodily harm?

The last question is a good one. Think of the corsets worn in the Victorian era. Women wore those things so tight it's a wonder they could even breathe. Ever read the Laura Ingalls Wilder books? Those books described women as cinching their corsets tighter and tighter to create a smaller waist. Laura's mother's waist was so small when she met her husband his hands easily circled her waist with fingers touching. Did you just put your hands in a circle? That's tiny!

The high heel debate has been raging for years. Heels are definitely attractive. They create the illusion of a smaller foot since it's angled up into the air. Most traditional shoes with heels are slim and sleek giving the illusion of a smaller foot in general. Chunky, clunky shoes do make one's foot appear larger and heavier.

While heels are considered attractive, women argue over their practicality. Is it necessary to vacuum in heels? Maybe not but having done it myself, I found it fun. What about bodily harm? Do heels really cause damage to the foot? Stacy London, co-host of TLC's What Not to Wear, adamantly argues that a well made shoe with a heel will not hurt. Contributor after contributor on the show agrees, by the end of the show, that their high heeled shoes are comfortable! Is this really true? Or is it more fuel to the high heel conspiracy fire?

Ladies, I am only one person. I cannot speak for us all. If you have the money to buy expensive, well made shoes from high end stores and you find them comfortable at the end of a long day, please comment and let us all know! My experience with heels is they are actually torture devices disguised in attractive, flattering, fashion.

I like to dress up on occasion. I like to advertise that I really do have it all; the hot successful husband, the adorable kids, and I can look good too! Once I wore boots, that happened to be heels, to a planetarium with my family. My feet were screaming thirty minutes into the outing. We stayed for hours. I started to wonder if I would retain the ability to walk after the car ride home.

Last summer I got some high heeled wedge sandals. They are super cute and they were on sale. Ninety nine percent of women agree that the cute factor of an item goes up as the price tag goes down. They may look good and do nice things for my legs but they worry me. I have trouble driving with them because the soles are so thick. I think of Alicia Silverstone in the movie Clueless every time I drive in those sandals.

"Hey James Bond! In America we drive on the other side of the road!"
"You try driving in platforms!"

One day, I am ashamed to admit, I actually fell down while wearing my wedge sandals. I had my 18 month old Little Miss on my hip. I took a step, somehow lost my footing, twisting my ankle awkwardly. Luckily I rolled with it. Unluckily it caused me to fall flat on my butt. My baby was still in my arms so she had a soft thud of a landing on my lap. She was very surprised and cried. I could not stop laughing. Completely embarrassed and somewhat in pain, I vowed to never tell anyone. After all, nobody saw. No witnesses means it didn't happen right? I finally fessed up to my husband a day or two later. Bless his heart he laughed with me and not at me.

For some reason I attempt fashion in the most painful ways on hot dates with my hot husband. Once it was not only the uncomfortable high heeled boots, but a pair of wide leg trousers that fit fine when I bought them 20 lbs. ago. That night, however, those pants would only close after I put on a gut sucker. Technical term for a panty corset to smooth out one's tummy. I bought that many years ago to go under my wedding dress. After having three kids my body is not the same as it used to be. The "gut sucker" was so tight I feared I was actually damaging internal organs. My fat spilled out on top like some strange love handle under my arms. I could barely breathe while nibbling at dinner. But hey, I looked good! At least I thought I did.

Whether or not heels are medically dangerous is still up for debate. I did buy my daughter six pair of Disney princess heels for Christmas to dress up in. She walks pretty well in them for not being quite two years old yet. Christmas day I worried that she would fall off those things. She gets better every day. It's better she learns now than when she's twelve and serves at her cousin's wedding reception. People told my parents I looked so grown up at that reception. They said I was floating around the room. What they didn't know was I didn't want to wobble in my new pumps so I was walking on my toes.

Is being the fairer sex really fair? Especially when the expectation is to put women's very lives on the line for the sake of fashion?

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  1. Yes, heels are damaging to your foot! I have not wore heels for quite some time, not because I don’t like the way they look---I love them. It is because they have a tendency to shorten your Achilles tendon. I am looking at a second foot surgery because of bone spurs on the back of my heels caused by too tight of Achilles tendons.. Now my motto is: if it is not comfortable in the store and I can’t walk the mall in them don’t buy them no matter how cute they are or how little they cost.


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