Sunday, January 10, 2010

It’s the end of the world and I feel fine

My thoughts were interrupted by the phone ringing. 

Hi Babe, are you ok?
Yeah, why?
Did you feel that earthquake?
There was an earthquake?  When?

Mere minutes before the phone call from my concerned husband there was an earthquake with an epicenter approximately 10 miles from my home.  It registered in the four point something range.  He felt it 40 miles away; hence the phone call.  I felt nothing. 

A few days later he heard on the radio that there was another smaller earthquake off the Northern California coast.  This was news to both of us.  Although many neighbors had felt that one as well. 

The second earthquake caused significant damage in Northern California.  People are now starting to think the Fisherman’s Wharf sea lions migrated north because they instinctively knew something big was going to happen.  Animals always know. 

I remember a moment from my childhood when there was a large flock of birds gathered in the back yard.  Suddenly, without warning, the birds scattered peppering the sky with their black silhouettes.   It was such an ominous moment.  I don’t remember any natural aftermath.  But I do remember being told that animals can warn others of danger by their behavior. 

Children are also finely tuned to Mother Nature.  Don’t believe me?  Try teaching elementary school.  Or being a mother.  Children always know. 

For as long as I have known California existed, I have heard predictions that one day there would be a huge earthquake and California would actually split away from the rest of the country floating away into the ocean.  Along with this prediction was always the attitude that Californian’s are so evil that it serves them right! 

Obviously now that I live in California I really hope that isn’t true.  I have seen scientists on TV use this theory.  They just leave out the evil Californians part.  So it could happen.  Scientists say so.  They also think the world, in all it’s infinite complexities, was conceived by a big bang in space. 

I can hardly turn on the news without hearing the newscasters talk about The Big One.  Everyone is preparing for a major earthquake because it feels like we’re due for one.  The practical part of me wants to be prepared.  After the events of this last week I’m thinking that there will be a big earthquake, California will break off, and I will continue blogging completely oblivious to any of it.  And maybe it’s better that way.

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