Monday, April 12, 2010

Beautiful Melancholy

She was going to enjoy this rotten mood.  Ease her way into it and really get the most mileage possible out of a dreary disposition.  The day started out dark and black. 

A torrential downpour of emotion pounded for several minutes.  Then it would let up a little as if maybe it might cease.  Maybe she would realize the awful state she was in and stop savoring it so much.  But the addiction to morosity couldn’t be stopped.  It forged on as a new flood of sadness started as quickly as it had ended. 

The tears were steady. 

The sky would lighten to a bright gray for brief moments.  Then a fresh barrage of despondency.  Puddles of dejection were never calm.  Constant dripping.  Never ending rings and ripples of eternal crying.  The sky would soon open up and let loose the silent howling of an anguished soul. 

This is not the remorse that comes from a goldfish dying the same day it is purchased.  No amount of chocolate, caffeine, carb rich food, nail polish, or shopping was going to mask this problem.  This is deep loss.  The wracking torment of the depths of despair. 

The intensity of her depression was beginning to lash out.  There was no consoling her.  Any fleeting hope had long since flitted away.  In one final horrific tantrum the gut wrenching moaning furiously stormed down.  She angrily sobbed the last of it out.  Every last tear painstakingly squeezed and wrung out.  Exhaustion dictated there was nothing left to do but dry up.

Weakly the sun made its first cameo appearance of the day.  It was as if common sense was slowly being rediscovered.  The dolefulness was not nearly as impossible as imagined.  Being emotionally drained from exultation in her own misery the sky steadily grew dimmer.  But no more rain.  She had cried until she can cry no more.  She has been dehydrated ever since. 

After 12 days off from school for Spring Break, today was the first day back.  It was painful.  My six year old writhed on the floor last night bemoaning his fate.  I really felt for the kid.  It’s possible Mother Nature did too. 

She couldn’t imagine missing out on the giggles or the imagination.  So she spent the day mourning. 


  1. Hi Tristan,

    Only a twelve day break? Your little one shouldn't fret, there's another extended break just a few months away.

    I'm always surprised at the number of days the children seem to have off from school. In addition to the holidays, there seem to be a lot of scattered days off in between for teacher conferences and other things. It was probably the same when I was in grade school, but I can't say that I remember.

    The evening before the first day back can be interesting. The dread in their eyes is almost comical -- at least to me. We allow mine to extend her bed time when there is no school the next day, so there's a bit of a transition that they have to undergo to get back into the swing of things.

    They do seem to enjoy savoring there rotten moods, at least for a little while. Ray

  2. Hi Ray,

    It is amazing how kids feel like they never get enough breaks from school while the parents complain that the kids are never in school! I remember my parents, particularly my father, complaining about all the random teacher work days. I didn't think I missed that much.

    Now that I have a child of my own in school I think it's interesting how many breaks he gets. I know his breaks are long so I try to plan something fun each day and it ends up being a great thing to have him home.


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