Sunday, June 13, 2010

Post #23

Dave Barry took a break from writing for several years.  Now he’s back to writing articles for a syndication company.  Robert Fulghum writes on his website.  After receiving many negative reactions about his new prospective book, he decided to take a break.  He stopped writing for three months.  At least that was the plan anyway.  He still wrote in notebooks the same way he always had.  Orson Scott Card took 20 years to complete his book Lost Boys.  Some people liked the original short story better and some really embraced the full novel. 

Sometimes writers get writer’s block and take a break.  Maybe that’s all I’m doing.  But maybe dissolving The Piquant Storyteller blog is for the better.  After all, not every spin off is successful.  Frasier, the spin off of Cheers, is the only sitcom I can think of that successfully took an existing character and moved on to another equally dynamic show.  The Piquant Storyteller is a spin off of my original blog. 

It started out as a passion for writing.  Then it turned into a desire to find a different audience for one small sliver of posts I would write on my personal blog.  I did.  I found everything I was looking for before I started this project.  Writers, interesting bloggers, adult Type 1 diabetics. 

What I learned from having two blogs is that I enjoy being a personal blogger.  My niche on this blog was too broad, if you could call it a niche at all.  I love being a wife and mother.  I love writing about my life.  So I essentially ended up with two personal blogs.  One I was myself as I have always been for three years and the other I stifled myself trying to be the model blogger following all the blogging rules. 

I advertised myself as The Piquant Storyteller.  After all was said and done I was more of a Timid Storyteller, not posting things for fear of offending someone!  Which is about as piquant as stale bread. 

It’s summer and I want to spend time with my kids.  We have big plans to just have fun this summer.  Babysitting a Twitter account and a spin off blog has become more time consuming and  more work than it needs to be.  So I am retiring The Piquant Storyteller blog.  For now anyway.  Never say never.  I may pull a Michael Jordan (#23) and come out of retirement. 

For now I will be doing all my writing, creative, ranting, or otherwise, on my original personal blog.  I appreciate all the support I have had from the readers I have found through this blog and Twitter.  Thank you.  You are welcome to follow the real me on my blog Based on a True Story.  The Piquant Storyteller is now retired. 


  1. I will move to your other blog for sure! I have enjoyed your stories. I can honestly say I've actually laughed out loud at some of your stuff (ie your four year old saying his having a low. LOL - I shared that with hubbie and he laughed too!)

    See you on the other side ;) And hey, enjoy your summer! I will be enjoying mine too - early maternity leave officially starts tomorrow!!

  2. Thanks Rebeca. Enjoy your maternity leave.

  3. Hi Tristan, I've visited your other site in the past (probably from a link from here) but my impression was that that was a site for family photos and stuff like that. Have a great summer off (or longer) from posting your writing here. In the meantime, I've subscribed to your Based on a True Story site and will see you over there. Be well, Ray

  4. Hi Ray,

    I'm glad you've subscribed. Some posts may be cutesy pictures to keep family updated on our lives and some posts may reflect the type of posts I had here. Read what floats your boat. I have enjoyed having you as a reader because you bring such a unique perspective.


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