About Me

Why the name Piquant Storyteller?

Piquant (pronounced pea kunt) means agreeably pungent or stimulating to the taste; pleasantly sharp or biting. I love this word because it seems to define me. I am dissatisfied with anything banal, hum drum, or mundane. I am unashamed of my point of view and I have always come with an edge. I describe my piquant self as humorous, witty, emotionally real, and possibly controversial to name a few. My piquancy adds that pleasantly sharp bite to an otherwise bland life. It’s more than sprinkling salt, it’s punctuating with chili peppers. An eye twitching, face making experience where one thinks, Wow that was spicy but I like it!

The storyteller part is because I love stories. I also love writing. For as long as I can remember I have loved writing. Words are my passion in life. Writing is my medium of choice to use words and preserve forever my stories.

My inspiration comes from my heroes: Dave Barry, Bill Engvall, and Robert Fulghum. These men have been inspiring my inner writer for years now. All three of these men tell stories in such unique and entertaining ways. I really emulate their work. These men make me laugh, cry, and think. They have a way of spinning everyday life into entertaining magic.

My blog is my license to write. I enjoy writing about a variety of topics. My essays include thoughts I’ve had, things I’ve observed, or experiences that had an impact on me.

A topic that comes up frequently in my writing is my Type 1 diabetes, commonly known as juvenile onset diabetes. This is an incurable autoimmune disorder where the body attacks the hormones the pancreas makes, rendering the pancreas useless. I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes over Labor Day Weekend, about three months before my 10th birthday. I have lived with it for over 20 years taking cloned insulin by injection and for the last 10 years, via insulin pump. I check my blood sugar 7-10 times a day in an attempt to manage my diabetes. It can be an emotionally draining disease especially when my self esteem seems to revolve around blood sugar readings and A1C test results (a 3 month average of blood sugar readings). Diabetes has been built into my routine. It is who I am. I casually mentioned it every once in a while until I started meeting people online who have Type 1 themselves or have children who live with it. I talk more freely about it now because of those kind strangers I now call friends.

Have I piqued your curiosity? Read on. Leave comments. Join my followers. Or silently lurk like most blog readers. There’s no shame in reading without participating. But I do love participation.